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Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations from the IPA beneficiaries (TACSO), program 1, phase 2

The overall objective of the “Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations” (TACSO) phase 2 was the continued strengthening of civil society in Western Balkans and Turkey within a participative democracy. The project aimed at strengthening the overall capacities and accountability of civil society organisations (CSOs) to stimulate a civil society-friendly ‘environment’ and culture, to guarantee the quality of services of CSOs and a sustainable role of CSOs in the democratic process. Other stakeholders addressed by this project were different levels of governments (central, regional, local) as well as the private and public sector in the respective countries and media.

This large-scale program assisted the target group i.e. CSOs, through intensive, inclusive and interlocking measures focused on increasing CSOs’ access to relevant information and strengthening of their institutional capacities. This involved activities to strengthen the CSOs overall strategic planning and management, capacity building and networking opportunities to enhance CSOs important advocacy roles, and participation in policy dialogue.

In the second phase, particular attention was given to the further development of national and regional networks. Assistance to rural based and smaller organisation was given priority, for example through the promotion of “big help small” concepts, mentoring and similar approaches. Cross-border activities assisted in deepening the collaboration between organisations in the region. TACSO also built capacity in terms of financial sustainability through training in fundraising, social entrepreneurship, application procedures and accessing grants and funds.

The project also supported effective cooperation between the CSOs, governments and other stakeholders to create a platform for facilitation of learning processes within/among organisations and institutions and sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences.

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