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Technical Assistance to GEDEFOR II

The second phase of GEDEFOR - Decentralized Forest Management Programme 2014-2018 in the Koulikoro and Kayes region aims to:

1.    Improve performances, knowledge and know-how of communes, community-based organizations, the forestry service and all actors of the wood and non-wood value chains in a significant manner in the areas of decentralized and sustainable management of forests, and reinforce their economic, social and cultural subsistence base.

2.    The development of micro-enterprises in value-addition of non-wood forest products and income-generating activities.

3.    Promote organizational and technical performances of actors in view of sustainable field actions.

4.    Ensuring a correct institutional, administrative, technical and financial management of the program through available means.

The Programme is owned by the Ministry of Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development (MEADD). The main implementation body is the National Directorate for Forests and Waters -DNEF, a directorate of the Ministry for Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development (MEADD)