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Support for the Implementation of the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement

In 2014, Ukraine signed the political section of the Association Agreement (AA) with the EU as well as the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) and in September 2014 the agreement was ratified by the European Parliament. The EU-Ukraine AA, including DCFTA chapters, sets a framework for Ukraine’s reform priorities in a range of sectors with commitments to adopt the relevant EU acquis. Key reforms are foreseen in a number of areas including economic recovery and growth, governance and sectorial cooperation. From the time of its ratification, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) has been developing a system of institutions and actions aimed at implementing the AA and the coordination of European integration policy, the chief tasks being:


  • Embedding European Integration (EI) policy planning into the national reform agenda;
  • Consensus building on key policy choices;
  • Inter-institutional, strategic political and operational coordination between key actors;
  • Legal translation and EU legal approximation, including EU-compliance checks;
  • Ensuring proper planning and financial commitments with the state budget;
  • Involvement in policy making and consultations of stakeholders in business and civil society;
  • New cadre of human resource (chiefly but not limited to public administration) equipped with knowledge and skills to lead reforms related to AA aspects;
  • Communication and visibility of AA implementation.


These tasks can be broadly categorised in four major areas: i) Approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU law, ii) Co-ordination of the ministries and agencies in the course of AA implementation, iii) Communicating the EI agenda to Ukrainian citizens and iv) A cross –cutting category of development of human resources.

The overall objective of the project is to reinforce the capacity and improve the performance of the Government of Ukraine (GoU) in its coordinated effort to implement economic and sectorial policies deriving from national reform processes and commitments set out in the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (AA/DCFTA). The ultimate goal is to achieve political and economic association with the EU. The project is to support the following:

  • The establishment of an institutional and procedural framework for comprehensive legal approximation and policy implementation, which would include strengthened inter-institutional coordination and a system for legal translation/glossary verification of EU legislation and EU-compliance checks;
  • Improve the analytical skills and policy making expertise of key government ministerial departments and related institutions to implement the AA/DCFTA in a coordinated/cross-sectoral and comprehensive manner;
  • Establish effective communication and outreach to the Ukrainian public on the Government's reforms and the EU integration process.