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Sida Framework Agreement for Evaluation Services

FCG Sweden, in a consortium of partners Itad, Stockholm Policy Group, Tana Copenhagen and NCG Sweden, is one of the lead providers for the Sida framework agreement for evaluations, where all Sida programme and project evaluations are commissioned. Individual assignments for this framework agreement are commissioned by specific departments at Sida and by Swedish Embassies, but all are overseen by Sida centrally (Sida evaluation and procurement departments).  The evaluations are of varying size and complexity, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods. The evaluations are conducted in accordance with OECD/DAC Quality Standards. So far, 40 individual evaluation assignments have been contracted and completed:

  • Global: Evaluation of Sida Support to organisations working on gender and science
  • Ukraine: Study of synergies between development and humanitarian assistance
  • Ukraine: Evaluation of two trade related projects
  • Global: Evaluation of Save the Children Sweden (civil society)
  • Algeria: Evaluation of Praktisk Solidaritet’s humanitarian intervention in refugee camps  (food aid)
  • Mozambique: Evaluation of research cooperation support 
  • Global: Evaluation of the Sida support to ECPAT International (civil society)
  • Global: Evaluation of ITP 296 – Peace and Security in Africa (PASA) (training programmes, peace and security)
  • Burkina Faso: Final evaluation of PRVSD-CC (”Projet de Réduction de la Vulnérabilité des Petits Barrages aux Changements Climatiques”) (WASH)
  •  South Africa: Evaluation of the Health Economics and HIV and Aids Research Division (research, health)
  • Western Balkans: Evaluation of the Regional Statistics Cooperation in Western Balkan (institutional capacity development)
  • Bolivia: Evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems in Research and postgraduate training (research)
  • Bolivia: Evaluation of the impact of Sida’s research cooperation
  • Rwanda: Mid-term Evaluation of the National Employment Program
  • Rwanda: Evaluation of environment and climate change component
  • Ethiopia: Evaluation of 3rd Call off of Civil society support through umbrella organisations 2013-2017 (civil society)
  • MENA: Evaluation of 3 projects on transboundary water management in the MENA region (water management, peace and security)
  • Albania: Evaluation of Support to One UN in Albania for the gender equality work 2012-2017
  • Albania. Review of the Statistical Cooperation project between the National Institute of Statistics of Albania and Statistics Sweden, Phase IV (institutional capacity development)
  • Tanzania: Evaluation of Sida’s ITP approach for capacity development (training programmes)
  • Global: Evaluation of IRC’s Humanitarian Programme 2014-2016
  • Rwanda: Evaluation of the Sida supported research capacity and higher education development program in Rwanda
  • Global: Evaluation of Union to Union (civil society)
  • Zimbabwe: Evaluation of Sweden funded We Effect’s Enterprise Business and Development Programme (EBDP) (private sector development, civil society)
  • Global: Evaluation of ACCORD’s Preventive Dialogue and Mediation Interventions (peace and security)
  • Global: Global Review of Programme Work Methods of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (human rights)
  • Sri Lanka: Review of Ratmalana/Moratuwa and Ja-Ela/Ekala Wastewater Disposal Project in Sri Lanka (water management)
  • Kenya: Mid-term Review of SymbioCity Kenya Programme (urban planning)
  • Mozambique: Mid-term evaluation of Swedish government funded Civil Society support through the AGIR II Programme in Mozambique 2014-2020 (institutional capacity development)
  • Zambia: Evaluation of the Sida-USAID/DCA Guarantee to Zanaco (guarantee mechanisms)
  • Colombia: Evaluation of the project with the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), on support to transitional justice initiatives in Colombia
  • EAC: Mid-term Review of the Eastern African Grain Council (private sector development, trade)
  • DRC: Support to the MTR process of the Swedish Strategy for the Democratic Republic of Congo (country programme)
  • Tanzania: Evaluation of the trade policy training centre in Africa (trapca) (trade, training programme)
  • Georgia: Evaluation of UNICEF Abkhazia (regional programme, multi-sectoral)
  • Uganda: Evaluation of Health Guarantee to Centenary Rural Development Bank in Uganda (guarantee mechanism, health)
  • Global: Evaluation of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) (human rights)
  • Kosovo: Mid-term Review of the EMPOWER Private Sector (EPS) Project in Kosovo (private sector development
  • Mali: Mid-Term Review of the UNICEF Country Program 2015-2019 (country programme, multi-sectoral)
  • Mali: Mid Term Evaluation of the DCA Loan Portfolio Guarantee and The Mali Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE) program (guarantee mechanism, food security, private sector development