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Roadmap for the creation of the regional water utilities in the frame of the water sector reform in Palestine

In the context of the 2009 water sector reform agenda for Palestine, the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), among other things, aims to upscale the more than 400 predominantly small and local service providers and to establish around 4 Regional Water Utilities (RWU) in the West Bank and Gaza for the provision of water and wastewater services. The project’s specific objectives are to (1) formulate a national roadmap, setting requirements, methods and criteria for the establishment of RWUs in West Bank and Gaza Strip, and (2) formulate RWU development plans for the two pilot areas (Salfit and Jenin governorates) as possible replicable models and for methodological inputs into the roadmap. The project comprises four phases as follows: (1) Initial mapping of potential RWUs and selection of pilot areas, (2) Definition of the overall framework conditions for RWU establishment, management and operations, (3) Formulation of development plans for the selected pilot areas and (4) Elaboration of a national Roadmap for establishing and operating RWUs.