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Pungwe Basin Transboundary Integrated Water Resource Management and Development Programme PP2

Through its Regional Water Initiative, Sida has provided support to a number of projects and programmes on sustainable management of water resources in the southern Africa region during the last 15 years. The Pungwe River Basin, which is shared between Zimbabwe and Mozambique, is characterised by problems of wide-scale poverty, high prevalence of malnutrition, HIV infection rates between 20 and 27%, environmental degradation, and conflicts over land and other natural resources. The region is also struck by recurrent periods of floods and droughts. The lack of hydraulic infrastructure makes it difficult to control and mitigate the negative impacts of climatic variability, and limits the capacity to utilise the available water for agriculture development and other forms of economic growth.

The Pungwe Basin Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Programme (PP2), started in 2007. PP2 represented a collaborative endeavour of the two riparian Governments to address key social, economic, environmental and institutional challenges in the river basin. The overall objective of the programme was to contribute to poverty reduction and environmental sustainability in the basin through strengthening relevant institutions, stakeholders and systems at all appropriate levels for the joint, integrated and sustainable management of its water resources.

Furthermore, the proposed programme aimed at stimulating and supporting institutional structures and facilities for increased development-oriented investments in the basin, at the same time as it provided actual financing of several critical development projects. Thus, key components of PP2 included institutional development, stakeholder participation, information and communication systems, a Pungwe Basin investment facility, and seven critical development projects all of which relate to environmentally and socio-economically sustainable management and development of water and related resources in the basin.

In this context the Consortium ORGUT/COWI was contracted to provide specialised administrative support in order to facilitate the implementation of the Programme.