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Organisational Study of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), an NGO, has a budget of approx. 25 million USD annually. It carries out three major rural development projects:

  • Rural Health Services
  • Primary & Secondary Education with Teachers Training
  • Rehabilitation of Afghans with Disabilities incl. Physiotherapy, Employment Opportunities, Special Education & Workshops.

In addition two other programmes are being implemented:

  • National Solidarity Programme, which basically is community mobilisation from a democratic and rights perspective, and
  • Agricultural Programme, concentrating on seed multiplication and extension.

The organisation mainstreams community organisation, gender, human rights and HIV/Aids in all activities.

SCA has more than 1,000 permanent employees of which, 20 are international staff and the remaining are Afghans. An additional 9,000 staff (Afghans) are employed in the SCA supported projects.