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Organisational Review of the Development Fund

Norad’s Civil Society Department manages grants of close to NOK 3 billion per year from different schemes. Organisational reviews form an integral part of the Civil Society Department’s grant management process and  serve an important control function that should enable Norad to make informed decisions on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues.

The focus of this review was the Development Fund. The Development Fund is a solidarity non-governmental organisation that works exclusively through local partners to promote rural development, food security, agricultural adaptation and agrobiodiversity in Africa, Asia and meso America.

The objectives of the review were to describe, analyse and assess:

  • DF in terms of its organisational structure and governance;
  • Financial management and auditing systems and the level of cost-efficiency maintained in each step of operations, including at the level of local partners, and;
  • The level of results achievement, including capacity for results management and contribution to civil society strengthening in targeted countries.