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Mid-term Review of the EMPOWER Private Sector (EPS) Project in Kosovo

This mid-term review was comissioned by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina. The EMPOWER Private Sector (EPS) is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the SMEs in Kosovo and subsequently stimulates large scale job creation. The project is managed by USAID in Kosovo. The Swedish contribution amounts up to 20% of the total budget, and USAID is the lead donor. Consequently, Sweden has assessed the reporting framework and adapt to the same. The dialogue during implementation has taken place regularly with USAID, and jointly with the contractor (CARDNO). The support is relevant in relation to the current result strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey,  2014-2020.

This assignment consits of two parts:

A. Contextual analyses: Identifying important unmet needs and possible priority areas for Swedish support to Micro Small and Medium size of Enterprises (MSME) sector and to economic development in Kosovo. The study should identify possible gaps in current international support to Kosovo in the area of economic development with a focus on MSME support.

B. Mid-Term Review (MTR):  Provide inputs for Sida’s/Embassy of Sweden in Pristina assessment of the efficiency, relevance, and immediate impact of the EPS ´project in Kosovo in order to improve the remaining years of the implementation period