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Management Consultancy Support to the National Audit Authority in Cambodia

The Commission of the European Union (EU) will provide continued support to the Public Financial Management Reform Programme (PFMRP) in Cambodia for the period 2016-2019. The overall objective of the EU support to PFMRP is to enhance the effective use of resources and alignment of expenditure with national priorities to improve government’s service delivery and spur economic growth. The purpose of the overall EU allocation is to support the implementation of Stage 3 of the PFMRP, including activities directly aimed at strengthening the enabling environment for the reform programme. To this end, direct budgetary support will be complemented by targeted institutional support handeled by Sida aimed at generating a conducive environment to safeguard the links to the overall governance agenda (complementary support). The total indicative budget of the complementary programme, called the Partnership for Accountability and Transparency (PAT) programme 2016-2019, is estimated at EUR 10 342 000.

The purpose of this assignment is to support NAA in management of the project “Strengthened Capacity in the National Audit Authority of Cambodia 2016-2019”, component 5 ‘Support to External Audit’ of PAT.

The expected results of the project are:

  1. A functional IT environment and intranet that supports internal and external communication and crucial office functions.
  2. A developed external communication policy and practice, Stakeholder Management.
  3. Active and professional chairmanship of the ASEAN SAI 2016-2017.
  4. NAA has a new long-term strategy from 2017 to direct the development.