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ITP - Private Sector Growth Strategies

The overall aim of this programme is to contribute to the development of a vibrant and sustainable private sector. It also seeks to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors, for better functioning markets and improved integration in world trade.

The PSGS programme is intended for high-level professionals from national institutions and organisations in participating countries, with a mandate to develop and promote a sustainable private sector, to improve market functionality and/or to stimulate greater integration in world trade. Networking and exchanging knowledge and experience are key components in the programme.

To be eligible, the participant must have the potential to act as a change agent, both in the organisation and at a national level and to represent one of the following: 1) national governmental organisations, 2) authorities and semi-government organisations and institutions, or 3) relevant civil society organisations, such as NGOs, business associations, and community based organisations.

The PSGS programme is expected to provide participants with:

  1. In-depth knowledge and skills regarding how to stimulate and promote private sector development.
  2. Capacity and knowledge to drive change in their own organisations to enhance their contribution to private sector development.
  3. The capacity and tools to actively contribute to the development of a Common Action Plan, for private sector development in their countries.

The long-term goal of the training programme is capacity building in the participant's organisation. Organisational strength and capacity is a prerequisite to achievements on a national level to improve the business climate and promote sustainable economic growth.

The PSGS programme aims to stimulate personal development and capacity, to enable the participant to shape the role as a change agent in this process. The PSGS programme provides the participant with the unique opportunity of close collaboration and exchange with colleagues from several other countries, developing strong, long-lasting professional networks. The PSGS programme facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to and between the participants: to enable and support you in the development of both your own Organisational Action Plan, and the Common Action Plan. The training programme does not offer any financial support, apart from the programme itself.

The programme will combine international, regional and Swedish perspectives on how to promote private sector development. It will include sessions focused on theories and concepts, and the sharing of experiences and successful practices, as well as difficulties and obstacles.

Based on the objectives, there are four modules:

  1. Private sector development - From the perspective of private sector development, you will conduct national and institutional analyses and develop preliminary change projects and action plans. This will contribute to the collaboration between all PSD-organisations and will reveal the obstacles to, and underline the driving forces for, a process of change.
  2. Internationalisation and the global and regional context - This module provides an overview of the global context. It focuses on how countries and businesses can best capitalize on international opportunities to foster and build sustainable and active participation in the world economy.
  3. Strategies for enterprise development - Working for a better business climate: examining how public organisations and other groups promoting enterprise development can work together with the private sector and how to integrate strategies stimulating fundamental economic growth to improve life for all, including the poor. Examples from Sweden and other international experiences will be discussed and analysed.
  4. Leadership for Change - This module focuses on the participants personal leadership skills and the role as a change agent for the promotion of a better business environment.
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