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Fund Manager for the Civil Society Fund, Sustainable Forest Management and Climate Change Programme

The Bolivian government has acknowledged the necessity to reduce deforestation but has internationally criticized and rejected the implementation of REDD+ market-based schemes. Instead, Bolivia has established a "Plurinational Authority for Mother Earth" and a more operational “Joint Mechanism for Mitigation and Adaptation for Integrated and Sustainable Forest Management and Mother Earth”. Supporting the Plurinational Authority and the Joint Mechanism provides an opportunity to promote sustainable forest management with multiple benefits in terms of biodiversity conservation, regulation of water resources, reduction in carbon emission, and reducing the vulnerability of the people who depend on the forest. Forests cover over half of Bolivia’s vast territory of close to 1.1 million km2 and are home to more than 30 indigenous groups. Products from the forest are important sources of income, food supply, raw materials and tools, and the forests provide important environmental services.

The Sustainable Forest Management and Climate Change Programme supports interventions in forestry and energy. The forest cluster of the programme aims to support the implementation of the sustainable forest management policy for maintaining ecosystem functions, livelihood diversification and climate change adaptation and mitigation through support to the Ministry of Environment and Water. In addition Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are supported through a Fund mechanism managed by ORGUT to support efforts in integrated and sustainable forest management. The programme works in four regions in the northern part of the country (Amazon and Chiquitanía) selected according to existing forest cover and biodiversity as well as rates of, and possibilities to reduce deforestation in the short to medium term.