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Evaluation of Swedish government funded research cooperation support to Uganda, 2009-2014

The purpose of this evaluation is to analyse, assess, generate knowledge and provide lessons from the Swedish government funded research cooperation support to Uganda. The evaluation results will inform the design of a possible continuation of such support to Uganda 2015-2020. The point of departure is the overall objectives of the ‘Strategy for Sida’s Support for Research Cooperation 2010-2014’ "to strengthen and develop research of relevance to the fight against poverty in developing countries" and in the relation to research capacity building in developing countries "partner countries and regional research actors being able to better plan, produce and use research in the fight against poverty." 

The evaluation described and assessed past progress, with focus on the future direction and management of the support resulting in concrete and realistic recommendations, regarding outputs (e.g. trained PhD’s etc.), and outcomes (e.g. use of research results etc.).