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Evaluation of Health Guarantee to Centenary Rural Development Bank in Uganda

This evaluation was comissioned by the Embassy of Sweden in Kampala with the objective to assess health-related outcomes of the Sida/USAID supported Health Guarantee to Centenary Rural Development Bank in Uganda. This will help the Embassy ,Sida and its partners to learn from what works well and less well, and inform decisions on future guarantees focusing on the health sector.

Sida, together with USAID, entered into a guarantee agreement with Centenary Rural Development Bank (CRDB) Uganda in 2012. The guarantee was set-up as a loan portfolio guarantee covering term-loans to privately-owned and operated micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as healthcare workers in the health value chain. The total cover is 60% of the principal amount of which Sida and USAID each guarantees 30%. The maximum authorised portfolio was set at the UGX equivalent of USD 3 million and the guarantee was to have a total duration of seven years, from September 2012 to September 2019. The main objective of the guarantee for Sida is to promote access to private health care in Uganda, with special attention to rural areas, by catalysing private capital for investments in the health sector.