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Evaluation of Development Research (2008-2018)

This assignment is an evaluation of Danida’s support for development research in the period 2008-2018. The overall purpose of this assignment is to determine the most relevant, appropriate and effective means of generating new knowledge and strengthening research capacities in the future.

The evaluation has three specific objectives:

  • To document the achievements of development research funding since 2008, including all modalities;
  • On the basis of an analysis of the Danish and international context for development research, examine the results of funding development research since 2008, with particular focus on the relevance, outcomes and impact; and
  • Draft recommendations for future funding of development research, indicating how to maximise quality, capacity development partnerships and policy impact.

The evaluation design is theory-informed, utilisation-focused, using integrated mixed methods with four interconnected components:

Component 1. Understanding Danida and its portfolio, through a in-depth context analysis  

Component 2. Assessing research quality, holistically defined, using the Research Quality Plus Assessment Framework (RQ+)

Component 3. Assessing research achievements and impact., using Outcome Harvesting techniques

Component 4. Assessing research capacity development, drawing on recent analytical frameworks for analysing research capacity development.

The evaluation will include three country case studies: Ghana, Uganda and Vietnam. The evaluation report will be finalised in late autumn 2019.