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Desk study of the economic cycle in Serbia

In many countries and regions with which Sweden has bilateral development cooperation, there is often a lack of access to finance as a barrier to development. Lack of risky capital can be a crucial limitation in basically all areas of performance in a strategy. 

In this context, Sida contracted FCG Sweden under the Framework Agreement: Agriculture, Employment and Market Development to carry out a Desk study of the economic cycle in Serbia.The aim of the study was to give a clear picture of the financial sector in the macroeconomic system, as well as obstacles and shortfalls of it, with the following two-fold sub-objectives:

1.        Provide an overall description of the Serbian financial system, including aspects relevant for MSMEs.

2.        Analyse obstacles and limitations for men, women, entrepreneurs and MSME: s in accessing financial services. This analysis should relate to the three results areas defined in Sida’s Result Strategy for Serbia. 

The study will serve as a basis for discussions with stakeholders in the country on how Sida can effectively contribute to poverty reduction from a holistic poverty perspective and what the credit market may have for the market economy and MSMEs to develop into competitive actors in the Serbian economy.