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Capacity Building for Results Facility (CBR) - Services of an HR Firm

CBR supports line ministries with funding to recruit, train, pay and manage skilled national staff. Support is contingent on the definition of well-defined objectives and on progress made by the ministries towards their achievement. In return for reforms, line ministries can be assigned CBR funded skilled national staff that will become part of the line ministry’s professional civil service both at central and sub-national level. The CBR programme as a whole is expected to significantly reduce the line ministries reliance on externally funded staff (EFS) and technical assistance (TA), while increasing the percentage of donor resources on government budget and improving service delivery.

SIPU, together with Linpico and Particip (lead) will deliver HR services and:

  • Support PSUs of MoF and IARCSC (Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission) respectively on HR related tasks for all positions under the CBR, including support for preparation of ToR, recruitment, performance appraisal and management, check credentials of applicants, contract management, other due diligence activities in line with government law and procedures as stated in the CBR operations manual.
  • Review and improve recruitment processes and operational procedures, documents and systems, management and evaluation of performances, and to assure transparently and effectively implementation of the processes.
  • Development of appropriate HR database and reporting system to track progress and aid management.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the Mid-level Management Development Programme and Management Internship Programme
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