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Assessment of the gender dimension of the Environmental Services Project (ESP)

In October 2011 Sida decided to contribute a grant of about 22 million SEK to a World Bank project named Improved Natural Resources Development Program (INRDP) project for the period 2011-2013. The objective was to consolidate results achieved in the Natural Resources Development Program which was a multi-bilateral project started in 2006 with a total budget of 140 million SEK out of which Sida had contributed 40 million SEK. In addition the INRDP was to assist the Albanian government to prepare a new project: the Environmental Services Project (ESP).

The ESP is planned to be implemented by two Ministries; (i) Ministry of Environment and (II) Ministry of Agriculture. Project Development Objectives and indicators are to support sustainable land management practices with the aim of reducing human-induced land degradation, and increasing communities’ income, in targeted project areas which are mainly in erosion prone rural areas. The grant financing support to rural farmers, women, their associations and local communities will provide more income generation opportunities and support government efforts for poverty alleviation in rural areas. The competitive manner of this support scheme will encourage local communities, LGU and farmers to raise their capacities in terms of sustainable environmental and financial management. ORGUT participated in a World Bank pre-appraisal and appraisal mission under the overall guidance of the Team Leader from the World Bank and gave guidance on gender aspects in the formulation of the Project Appraisal Document (PAD).