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Assess applicants for CSO funding under Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (2021 - 2025)

As part of the Civil Society Department’s call for proposals under the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) civil society portfolio, between 46 and 49 applications will be subject to a full assessment. Most applications have been selected already, but discussion remain on a small group of applications.

 The assessments will follow the structure of the resource allocation model (RAM), where seven standards are identified. The seven standards describe and assess 1) the applicant; 2) previously achieved results; 3) the project’s relevance; 4) the  project’s result management; 5) risk and cross-cutting issues; 6) the project’s sustainability, local ownership and exit strategy; and 7) the project’s budget. Together, the standards provide a full overview of the proposed project.

FCG has carried out organisational reviews for Norad and Norad wants to benefit from this experience. FCG is therefore asked to carry out organisational assessments in the according to selected RAM standards relevant for organisational assessment. These will be treated as advice to the Norad case handler responsible for full proposal appraisals.