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Water Sector Services

An integrated approach to water sector management

Water is a key driver of economic and social development. Decision-makers in government or the private sector have to make difficult decisions on water allocation in a context of diminishing supplies and increasing demand. Demographic and climatic changes add to the pressures on sustainable management of water resources. Our approach to water sector management focuses on increasing access to water supply, sanitation and hygiene but also prioritises resource regeneration, conservation, transparency, accountability and community involvement.  

What we do

  • We support governments and other partners to reduce poverty and promote environmental sustainability by strengthening relevant institutions, policies and systems to deliver joint, integrated and sustainable management of water resources.
  • We endorse decentralisation and devolution processes and provide business planning to water utilities, including water services tariffs and revenue collection. 
  • We work with communities, particularly disadvantaged groups, to help them construct and maintain affordable and safe water supplies and sanitation facilities.
  • We provide technical assistance to water sector institutions to help them develop action planning, budgeting, information systems and follow-up, as well as governance and quality assurance mechanisms.
  • We help promote an enabling environment for the water sector based on effective and equitable delivery of water services and integrated management of water resources.