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Natural Resource Management

Holistic natural resource management

Responsible management of natural resources is an integral part of development cooperation and is key to mitigating climate change and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. We work to ensure that natural resources are managed responsibly, both as a means to end poverty and to provide sustainable livelihoods for local people. Our experience spans more than 100 countries in 5 continents with a wide range of clients. Our experts are skilled technicians, planners, coordinators, evaluators, trainers and facilitators.

We have extensive experience of leading natural resource developments, taking an integrated view across agriculture, environmental issues, forests, land management, water and wildlife.

We partner with local, regional and national stakeholders to deliver locally appropriate solutions that protect scarce resources, strengthen institutions and empower communities. Our experience shows that when governments translate existing natural resource management strategies and legislation into tangible action that promotes local ownership, it can deliver impressive results in reducing poverty, particularly in rural areas.

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