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Water and Natural Resources

An integrated view, practical solutions

We see management of natural resources as an important and integral part of developmental cooperation. We work to ensure that natural resources are a means to ending poverty by providing food, income, materials, non-tangible values, medicine, shelter, and other opportunities,.  Water and natural resources need to be managed sustainably for both present and future generations, and as a value in its own right.

We have extensive experience of leading processes in development of natural resources in an integrated way with focus on alleviating poverty. This includes working with water, land, forests, wildlife, agriculture and environmental issues while considering national contexts and ongoing climate change. Our focus and expertise centers on developing sustainable local capacities, from strengthening institutions to empowering communities.

Our experience spans over 100 countries in five continents for a wide range of clients, and our experts are skilled technicians, planners, evaluators, trainers and drivers of development and capacity building.