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Public Administration Reform

Concrete steps towards better governance

The quality of governance is measured by how well a government delivers on development and promotes the safety and happiness of its citizens. But how does a country go about improving this? We can lead the way in a public administration reform process. Our work has led to improvements in the way the civil service functions, the way policies are developed and the way public services are delivered. 

We recognize that reform is difficult, time-consuming and challenging. To achieve sustainable results, the process is just as important as the result; things must be done in the right order, at the right pace, at the right time and with the right people.

We take the experience of tried and tested practices from around the world and support our clients to adapt them to their local circumstances. To this we add the Swedish emphasis on transparency, equality and high quality public services. We support governments to design and implement solutions that work in the real world.

Our ambition is to be the partner that governments naturally turn to for support in their reform journey. We have the in-house staff who can handle complex, long-term processes, and we have access to a network of leading governance experts who understand how to make sustainable change happen.