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Land Administration

Realising the full potential of land administration systems

Land is key to livelihoods, economic growth, incomes and food security. Increasing pressure on land due to population growth and climate change has fuelled tension and conflict in many parts of the world. Strengthening land administration systems, helping communities to claim their entitlements, and promoting transparent and participatory decision-making can help reduce inequality, promote gender equality and strengthen social cohesion.

In working to understand and improve land tenure systems and institutions, whether through reforming existing ones or building new ones, we engage public and private sector actors, customary authorities and governmental agencies on all levels – from the local to the national.

What we do

  • We support local, district, regional and national-level land administration agencies and authorities to deliver modern and efficient land administration and information systems. This includes the review and construction of technical components such as GIS systems and other data software architecture for mapping and documentation. It also includes participatory needs assessment and on-the-job training to enable relevant and sustainable knowledge transfer.
  • We work with communities to help them secure land tenure and promote their inclusion in land adjudication, registration and certification processes. We strengthen local capacity by organising community awareness programmes and setting up and training land adjudication committees.
  • We support government officials in developing new land policy and regulations or reforming existing legislation and policies. 
  • We work with partners throughout the project cycle, to identify challenges, assess needs and formulate proposals, following through to review and evaluate impacts.
  • We support local educational and vocational institutions involved in land administration to invest in the next generation of land administrators and policy-makers.