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Good Governance and Public Administration

Supporting government institutions to deliver for citizens

Public institutions are the key to unlocking social and economic development and building sustainable futures. Yet in many contexts, there has been little investment in the people and systems on which good governance depends. We have many years’ experience of supporting public sector reforms, locally and nationally, to strengthen policies and improve the delivery of public services.

Our roots within the Swedish public sector give us a unique perspective on public sector reforms. In Sweden, we enjoy a high degree of transparency, equality, decentralisation, and high-quality public services. As a company, we take the best and most relevant parts from our lived experience in Sweden and our work experience around the world. Strategic, conceptual and practical experience in supporting public sector reforms in a range of countries has given us unrivalled knowledge of what works and in which contexts. We also have a professional  network of leading experts in governance reforms.

Find out more about our work on Public Administration Reform, Public Financial Management, Local Government and Decentralisation, and Urban Development.