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Sustainable forest management for the future

The importance of forests cannot be underestimated. Besides providing wood, habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, and mitigate climate change through carbon capture. Sustainable management of forest resources is an investment for the future.

Forestry is multi-faceted sector in which many stakeholders and interests converge. Recognising this complexity, our approach to address specific forestry issues starts with a thorough analysis and understanding of the specific context, including driving forces, shortcomings, potentialities, stakeholders and objectives.

We have more than 40 years of experience in working with different types of forestry programmes, including plantation forestry, community forest management, agro-forestry, multi-purpose forestry, natural forests, non-wood forest products , forest related environmental services and forestry education. Our experience in supporting sustainable use of forests includes capacity building, integrated forest management, forest inventory, forest certification, forest value chain development, landscape planning and low-impact harvesting.

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