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Environment and Climate Change

Supporting a resilient environment

Climate change is the defining human development challenge of the 21st century. It has devastating impacts on the poorest and most marginalised communities – even though they may have contributed least to the problem – as they try to eke out livelihoods in a context of increasingly scarce land and other resources. Failure to respond to this challenge will stall and even reverse international efforts to reduce poverty.

Our approach to addressing the complex environment and climate challenges is based on our long multi-sectoral experience of integrating adaptive land use and water resources management with a strong focus on socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. Adequate understanding of the local context, including the institutional and legal framework, is fundamental to devising effective strategies to address these challenges.

What we do

  • We identify and analyse the main actors and factors related to causes and effects of environment and climate challenges as a first step to finding solutions, focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable groups.
  • We take an integrated approach to assessing the institutional and legal frameworks and their adequacy in addressing the challenges faced by governments, the private sector and communities to develop and implement strategies to increase resilience and enable adaptation.
  • We focus on strengthening institutional capacity in technical, economic and social areas.
  • We promote awareness-raising, empowerment and participatory approaches to address environment and climate challenges at different levels and from different perspectives.