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Civil Society

Supporting civil society to strengthen democratisation

We have a longstanding track record of leading projects to strengthen civil society in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. We work collaboratively with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to influence social, economic and political decision-making processes and demand greater accountability from government. We have particular expertise in working with hard-to-reach and marginalised groups.

What we do

  • We work with government at different levels (central, regional, local) as well as the private and public sectors and the media, to help CSOs become more visible and to increase their access to information.
  • We provide networking opportunities so that CSOs can maximise their voice by undertaking advocacy and participating in policy dialogues.
  • We strengthen partners’ institutional and financial capacity, focusing on strategic planning and management, leadership development and sustainability.
  • We organise workshops, seminars and training courses (including e-learning options) on how to develop project proposals, including how to access grants and mobilise sustainable funding sources.
  • We work with government bodies and public institutions to create a more enabling legal and institutional framework for CSOs nationally, regionally and locally and to strengthen CSOs’ involvement in democratic processes.
  • We enable efficient, cost-effective, transparent and sustainable funding for CSOs across a variety of thematic areas as well as cross-cutting issues such as human rights and gender.

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