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Building Better Livelihoods

In many countries where we work, agriculture is the biggest source of productivity, employment and family incomes. Increasing agricultural productivity is a key aim of development and growth strategies in rural economies, both to reduce poverty and gender inequality, and to narrow the rural–urban divide.

We have many years’ experience of implementing hands-on rural development programmes. We also have a strong understanding of how markets function. Together, this expertise enables us to support the design and implementation of market-driven interventions to integrate smallholder farmers and other actors in agricultural value chains. Our knowledge base means we are able to support all aspects of agricultural development, from climate-smart agriculture, delivering sustainable increases in food security, policy development to market systems, food safety, and agro-processing.  

What we do

  • We provide technical support to smallholder farmers to increase agricultural production and productivity.
  • We build the capacity of communities and other stakeholders (public or private) through training, mentoring, production of manuals and guidance, and organising discussion forums.
  • We analyse value chains and build relationships between actors and support provision of services to increase production, trading, processing, service provision, retailing and marketing. We help develop joint strategies and plans that can increase profitability for all actors along the value chain.
  • We support the organisations that represent smallholder farmers to promote their interests across the value chain. This includes strengthening democratic processes so that organisations are fully representative, deliver affordable services, and become effective service providers and advocates for their members and for future generations of smallholders.
  • We work with ministries and other sector-specific stakeholders to formulate plans, policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks to promote and strengthen the agricultural sector.  We coordinate with other key stakeholders from government, civil society and the private sector to avoid duplication and promote synergies.
  • We support organisations to plan or implement large-scale agricultural development programmes, focusing on financial management, procurement and planning, and regular monitoring and evaluation to maximise impact and shared learning.

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